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Eagle Dancer

This was the first release in this sub-series. The 6180 750 ml. were sold exclusively in Arizona. They were released in 1979 along with 6000 minis, which were also nationally distributed.
Price: $259 (4/5 size) or $39 (mini)

Buffalo Dancer

Barbara Foss' second dancer was released under the same conditions as the first in quantities of 6300 750 ml. and 3600 minis in 1980. The entire dancer is the stopper on the mini, the liquor contained in the drum base.
Price: $213 (4/5 size) or $47 (mini)

Deer Dancer

The 6996 750 ml. size was released in in 1980 but due to production problems the 1200 minis were not approved for release until 1982. This design is also referred to as the Yaqui Deer Dancer.
Price: $144 (4/5 size) or $99 (mini)

Wolf Dancer

Fourth in the series of six, both sizes were released in 1981 exclusively in Arizona. The mini is designed like the Buffalo Dancer, with liquor in the base. 6996 750 ml. and 1800 minis were sold.
Price: $97 (4/5 size) or $55 (mini)

Falcon Dancer

This is Barbara Foss' last design for the series, released in 1983. Both sizes were exclusively for the state of Arizona. 5652 750 ml. and 1392 minis were also released.
Price: $161 (4/5 size) or $75 (mini)


Antelope Dancer

6882 750 ml. and 1200 minis were released in Arizona in 1982. The mini is once again, designed with the dancer as the stopper.
Price: $89 (4/5 size) or $48 (mini)


Rainbow Dancer

Price: $98 (4/5 size) or $56 (mini)


Basket Dancer

This piece was designed by Barbara Foss.
Price: $86 (4/5 size) or $44 (mini)


Talavai Kachina

960 750 ml decanters, and 960 minis were issued.
Price: $61 (4/5 size) or $33 (mini)


Olla Dancer

Designed by Barbara Foss.
Price: $86 (4/5 size) or $48 (mini)


Butterfly Dancer

Designed by Barbara Foss.
Price: $99 (4/5 size) or $40 (mini)


Great Spirit

The 4/5, which has leather reins, was released in a quantity of 2000 in 1976 and followed by 4200 minis in 1979.
Price: $123 (4/5 size) or $25 (mini)


End of the Trail

The weary hunter on horseback has a removable spear. The upper torso of the Indian is the stopper. 3600 4/5 were released in 1976 and 2016 minis in 1977.
Price: $270 (4/5 size) or $138 (mini)


Warrior with Hatchet

This piece was designed to accompany the Warrior with Lance. Also referred to as Warrior #1, it was issued with string reins; 900 4/5 and 3600 minis in 1979.
Price: $161 (4/5 size) or $30 (mini)


Warrior with Lance

Also known as Warrior #2, this design features a removable wooden lance. Only 900 4/5 were released in 1975 and 3600 minis in 1979.
Price: $161 (4/5 size) or $30 (mini)


Lookout Indian

This is the only Indian design with a background. Both sizes featured a wooden bow. The 2400 4/5 were issued in 1977 and the 3600 minis the following year.
Price: $63 (4/5 size) or $35 (mini)


Cigar Store Indian

This design was not intended to depict a living Indian but rather the wooden carvings used by early Americans to designate tobacco shop. 1800 4/5 were released in 1974, followed by 1800 minis in 1975.
Price: $46 (4/5 size) or $38 (mini)


Dancers of the Southwest

The Design for this set of six was taken from the actual costumes provided by an Indian School in Arizona. They received a donation for their cooperation. 2720 sets of the 4/5 size and 1800 sets of minis were released in 1975.
Price: $406 (4/5 size) or $254 (mini)


North American Indian Tribes

This set of six was issued in 1977 and featured 6 different tribes of Indians in various poses.  3600 sets of 4/5 and 1800 sets of minis were produced.  The base stamps indicate the tribe represented.
Price: $259 (4/5 size) or $171 (mini)